Mold Solutions at the Three Rivers Realtor Golf Scamble

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Warmer weather means a lot of things for different people. Some people head to the lake, others to the pool but here at Mold Solutions it means we start polishing up our golf game.

Every year we sponsor a hole in the golf scramble hosted by Three Rivers Realtor Association and every year we think it can’t get any more fun and every year we’re wrong.

This is one time we are so excited to consistently be wrong.

Three Rivers Realtor Association Golf Scramble

We participate as sponsors in about six golf scrambles every year and this one is always a favorite. Ed Maholovich, Adam Mrazek, and Ed Fox were the lucky representatives from our office providing drinks and conversation for the golfers.

It’s always nice to take a break from the daily grind and have a chance to reconnect with past clients as well as meet new ones. It gives us a chance to really show people what we can offer with our services in person and that goes a long way. We love the connections technology has given us with the use of the internet, but there’s something about meeting someone face to face and having a conversation.

Not only do we get to talk about mold and mold removal (we’re a blast at parties, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) but we get to hand out some of our fancy Mold Solutions swag. Who doesn’t want a stress ball in the shape of our pesky mascot, Moldy?

It was a great day and were once again so glad we got to participate. If you were out there and didn’t get a chance to say hi, contact us! We’d love to hear from you, and as always, if you have a mold issue or just have some questions about a potential mold problem, we’d love to help.


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