Eliminating Musty Basement Odors: Solutions to Clear the Air

Basement Mold

Are you battling musty odors in your basement? It’s a common issue but fret not! In this guide, we’ll tackle “eliminating musty basement odors” by exploring the root causes and providing a variety of solutions to help you reclaim your basement from the clutches of dampness and must. Understanding the Source of Musty Odors Musty […]

Don’t let Mold Haunt your Basement, Crawl Space, or Attic!

Boo! It’s the season of spookiness, with Halloween right around the corner. While we embrace the chills and thrills of this eerie holiday, there’s one thing we definitely don’t want lurking around our homes – mold. Just like ghosts in the night, mold can silently creep into your basement, attic, or crawl space, causing a […]

Post-Flooding Mold Issues

Our family, friends, and neighbors have been no strangers to very heavy, concentrated rain recently. Many of the calls we’re receiving are related to unpleasant, musty odors and black “dots” appearing on baseboards or on the walls near the floor. Contact us right away for a mold inspection if you suspect there could be a […]

Basement Flooring That Can Help Against Mold Growth

In most homes, finished basements are used for storage, as playrooms, or as little nooks where people can relax. However, these spaces are often prone to flooding, mold, and water damage, mostly due to their location in a home. Luckily, you can avoid these types of damage by picking suitable materials for your basement floors. […]

YIKES! Basement Mold in 1, 2, 3

We can all agree that basement floods are one of any homeowner’s worst nightmares. Often caused by rain storms or broken pipes, floods are more dangerous than they might seem at first. If unnoticed, mold will take over and you can end up with more trouble than you asked for. However, if you move quickly […]

Failing Sump Pumps and Mold Prevention

The most common “first aid kit” homeowners can use against flooding comes in the form of a sump pump. By definition, these pumps act as an insurance policy and can be installed in the basement or crawlspace. If it so happens that groundwater begins to collect, it will trigger the sensor on the pump, which […]

Causes and Solutions for Basement Mold

If you have an unfinished basement, it’s likely you’re rarely down there unless it’s to place or remove something in storage. If you aren’t down there a lot, it’s highly doubtful you’re really giving the room a thorough look for any sort of mold. This is where I give you the bad news. Your basement […]

Basement Mold Removal: The Process

Two of mold’s favorite hiding spots are your attic and your basement, and because mold is not picky when it comes to food sources, it sees a virtual buffet practically anywhere it looks. Food isn’t enough for mold to survive. It needs moisture to go along with it so it can grow and ruin lives […]

Basement Mold Have You Concerned?

I’m going to guess, if you have an unfinished basement, the last time you were there was probably to pack away your decorations after the holidays. Unfinished basements can be damp and dark. Plus, you probably aren’t down there all that often checking the walls and foundation. Put all of these things together and you […]