Looking for Mold Treatment? Actually, It’s a Process!

Let’s be frank — having to deal with mold is extremely difficult and concerning for the average homeowner. As a result, most homeowners rely on professional contractors to handle their mold problems. However, many people often believe that mold remediation is a treatment and not a multistep removal process. Here at Mold Solutions, we not […]

Did You Bypass a Home Inspection in 2021?

Buying your own home can feel rushed, especially with today’s market. Not only do you have to look for the right property, but you also have to check it for any hidden problems. Many buyers are skipping a home inspection to get ahead in today’s competitive market. According to data from real estate brokerage Redfin, […]

Common Questions About Mold Removal: Part One

When people contact us about our mold removal services, they usually have a variety of questions. Unless you’re in the mold remediation business like we are, most people don’t think about it until they need us. In fact, I doubt you’re reading this blog post unless you’ve discovered mold growing in your home and are […]