Everything You Need to Know About Window Mold

Wiping mold off our windows is one of the most universally hated chores! Not only is it hard work, but it can also get pretty messy without the right equipment. Still, allowing mold to grow inside your house can cause severe health issues, including respiratory problems such as asthma and even allergic reactions. Since mold […]

Failing Sump Pumps and Mold Prevention

The most common “first aid kit” homeowners can use against flooding comes in the form of a sump pump. By definition, these pumps act as an insurance policy and can be installed in the basement or crawlspace. If it so happens that groundwater begins to collect, it will trigger the sensor on the pump, which […]

Attic Mold in Spring, It’s a Thing!

Under the right conditions, mold can and will grow all year round. But during the spring, it becomes even more active and grows more rapidly, especially in dark and humid spaces. That’s why attic mold is so widespread, especially when temperatures start rising. So how can we put an end to this pesky fungus? Can […]

Dos and Don’ts — How to Get Rid of Black Mold

Having black mold in our homes is extremely unhealthy and can cause severe skin irritation and even respiratory problems. Some people are also allergic to it, and inhaling the spores can send them to the hospital.  So removing the mold and getting it out of our houses as soon as possible has to be our […]

Mold Solutions at the Three Rivers Realtor Golf Scamble

Warmer weather means a lot of things for different people. Some people head to the lake, others to the pool but here at Mold Solutions it means we start polishing up our golf game. Every year we sponsor a hole in the golf scramble hosted by Three Rivers Realtor Association and every year we think […]