When Does Mold Removal Go From DIY to Professional Assistance?

To DIY or not to DIY? Every homeowner is faced with this question, especially when it comes to something as common as mold. If mold growth covers 10 square feet or more, it’s difficult to remove that much affected material and not have it negatively impact your air quality. The biggest piece of advice we […]

Mold Removal with Bleach – Not Recommmended

The topic of mold removal can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like professional remediation services are your only option. Finding mold growth anywhere in your home is alarming, but we actually get many calls from people who are concerned about toxic black mold growing in their bathrooms. Most of the time the mold is […]

Removing Mold From Books and Paper Items

If you haven’t noticed, we talk about all things mold. We’ve given you tips on mold prevention, we’ve told you what contributes to mold growth and we’ve even talked about how remove mold from your clothes. But what about the other items in your house? My brother has recently started collecting old books. (He says […]