BRR… Potentially Record Setting Cold Coming Our Way, Here’s What to Do!

Why is the Winter a Perfect Time for Mold? Because mold’s favorite living conditions are dark, damp, and humid areas, you would think mold wouldn’t show up until the summer to start wreaking havoc on your home and your breathing. Mold can find a way to grow even in the dead of winter if the […]

Our Pets Reveal A Lot About the Overall Health of our Homes

Do you have a furry friend — or two — at home? If you are lucky enough to share your life with a pet, you don’t need us telling you they are one of the family which is exactly why paying attention to their health is so important. There is one invisible threat we often forget […]

Coronavirus Cleaning

Mold Solutions remains open and is now offering a Coronavirus Cleaning Service for residential and commercial spaces.   Our company is here to help you fight back against Coronavirus. The World Health Organization said Coronavirus can live hours or for days depending on the environment. Cleaning and applying disinfectants is what Mold Solutions does on […]