6 Types of Harmful Mold That May Be Lurking in Your Home

Mold is present pretty much everywhere in nature, especially in highly humid and hot environments. However, certain types usually breed in homes, where they can pose a significant threat to health.  Here are the 6 types of mold most commonly found in homes, as well as tips for recognizing and eliminating them.  1. Stachybotrys Most […]

Don’t Soil the Sale: Look for These Signs of Mold Before Listing

Are you planning to sell your home? With the interest rates being at their highest in a while, this year’s Spring Rush is about to be the busiest and most challenging yet. Thus, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence and make sure your home is in pristine condition before listing. One […]

Home Inspection Reveals Mold, Now What?

You’ve finally managed to find the ideal house after months of searching, and you’re excited to close the deal. However, there’s one more necessary step before you can actually move in, and that is the home inspection. Sure, it might sound like a standard procedure that won’t affect your decision too much. But what if […]

Lurking in the Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are one of the most ignored parts of a home. After all, we’ve all heard the phrase — out of sight, out of mind. However, without proper care and attention, your home’s crawl space might become home to pests, germs, and, worst of all, mold! But why are crawl spaces so beloved by […]

Did You Bypass a Home Inspection in 2021?

Buying your own home can feel rushed, especially with today’s market. Not only do you have to look for the right property, but you also have to check it for any hidden problems. Many buyers are skipping a home inspection to get ahead in today’s competitive market. According to data from real estate brokerage Redfin, […]

Realtors, Don’t Scare Away Your Buyers With Mold!

There’s no need for this year’s spooky season to be ruined by some mold. With our help, both realtors and buyers will be able to spot mold like pros and know exactly what to do about it. So let’s see what the most common telltale signs are, and why it’s key to get the professionals […]

Don’t Let Mold Jeopardize Your Sale!

Selling a house is a serious business — you want to make sure it’s as appealing to the customer as possible. That’s why you clean, fix loose handles, change light bulbs, and repair squeaky hinges. But when the time comes to seal the deal, the buyer suddenly backs down. After all that hard work, what […]

Typical Delays When Closing on a Home

Mold When Closing on a Home

Though selling a property is easy for most real estate agents, buyers often find that closing on a home takes way too long for a variety of reasons. It takes about four weeks on average to get everything ready. In most cases, the delays come down to repairs required to pass a home inspection. It’s […]

DIY Mold Inspection: Spot Checking for Mold

Because mold is such a durable organism, keeping up with regular spot checks and mold inspections around your home is vital. Mold can easily grow and spread before we even know it’s in our house, because it typically grows in areas that aren’t in our regular line of sight. Preventing mold can be tough, but […]