Mold Exposure Has an Interesting Way of Showing up in Your Medical Findings

It’s hard to deny that mold is one of the most infamous and common household fungi. Besides its musky smell and ugly appearance, mold can pose some serious health risks to anyone living in an infested house. In fact, mold-related mycotoxins are becoming more common in urine test results. What’s even worse is that most […]

Allergies, Cold, or Mold? How to Tell the Difference

There’s nothing that can put a damper on a nice day quite like a cold. But what if it’s more than just a cold and the symptoms seem to never go away? Well, if that’s the case, a mold allergy might be to blame.  Here’s how to tell the difference between the two and fix […]

Black Mold Exposure — What It Is and Isn’t

Black Mold

By now, all of us have come across articles that talk about how dangerous exposure to black mold can be. Apparently, in some severe cases, it can even cause cancer and death. But is there any medical research to back up these claims? Here’s what we need to know about black mold exposure. What Is […]