Pink Mold 101: What It Is and How to Combat It

Mold is a pervasive issue that homeowners and businesses often face, and while black mold gets most of the attention, pink mold is another significant concern. At Mold Solutions, we understand the importance of addressing all types of mold to ensure a healthy environment. In this blog, we’ll dive into what pink mold is, its […]

5 Red Flags to Spot and Avoid Purchasing a Mold-Infested Home

avoiding mold in new home

House hunting is like a treasure hunt where the prize is your future home. But, hidden beneath the excitement could be a lurking problem turning your dream home into a problem home with mold. Mold not only poses health risks but can also indicate deeper, more expensive issues with a property. So, how do you spot and […]

Battling Mold on Vents: Effective Solutions and Prevention Tips

Have you ever caught a glimpse of those unsightly black or green specks around your vents and felt a shiver down your spine? Yep, that’s mold making itself at home in places it shouldn’t. Besides being a total eyesore, mold on vents can be a silent threat to your health and comfort. But fear not! […]

Do you have a humidifier on your furnace? What do have your humidistat set on?

Although removing mold is an important task, preventing it before it appears is even more essential. That can be done with a moisture meter, which is a useful device that you can get in any hardware store. According to calculations, the average home should have a humidity level between 30% and 60%. However, the exact […]

Top 4 Types of Mold to Look Out for After Water Damage

Since mold thrives in humid environments, it comes as no surprise that it usually goes hand in hand with all types of water damage. In case your home hasn’t been dried and ventilated properly or the damage wasn’t addressed completely, mold can become a serious hazard for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about […]

Top 6 Tips for Mold Prevention in Hot, Humid Conditions 

Finding out that mold has taken over your home is never a good experience. Not only can it do a lot of damage to your property, but it may also be a sign of a bigger problem, such as water damage or high humidity. And worst of all, mold can also have a negative impact […]

What Does Mold Growth Mean for You?

When you find mold in your house, it’s reasonable to panic. Why wouldn’t you? The media has been pounding it into our heads that household mold is the worst possible thing we could find in our homes, and while it isn’t the best problem you could run into, you certainly don’t need to pack up […]

Mold and Mildew: Are They the Same Thing?

People often mistake mildew for mold and we can’t really fault them for it. They’re both gross. They’re both fungi. If you don’t deal with mold on a regular basis like we do, it’s easy to get the two confused. There are some differences between the two and I’m going to help you learn what […]

Tips for a Mold-Free Laundry Room

We’ve talked about mold in our attic, mold in our basement, and mold in our bathroom, but what about some of the areas of the house that might provide the perfect environment for mold growth? Anyplace with a faucet might come to mind due to possible leaks and that source of moisture, but what about […]