Young Children and Mold – Why Mold Removal is a Must

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Our home is supposed to be a safe place where we can hide away from the bad weather and keep our children safe from allergies and colds. However, there are possible dangers lurking inside as well.

Mold is a sneaky fungus. Although not toxic in itself, when we breathe it in it becomes highly hazardous. The same goes for touching and eating it.

Obviously, as adults, we’re not really tempted to eat mold. However, babies and young children tend to be curious when it comes to touching and even tasting new things.

Is Mold Dangerous for My Child?

In short ― yes, mold is dangerous for everyone, but especially for children. It can cause symptoms similar to a cold or seasonal allergy.

In fact, unless you witness them interacting with the mold in any way, you probably won’t even know that it’s what’s causing such symptoms.

In some cases, it could cause severe problems, including constant coughing, which could ultimately lead to respiratory infections.

It’s equally important to mention that any child can develop these symptoms, no matter how healthy they are.

Getting a Professional Mold Removal Service

Whether or not you’re positive that you have a mold problem, Mold Solutions is ready to help.

Our first priority is to inspect your home and identify any mold growth. But, even if we don’t find anything, we’re trained to detect any potential mold issues and prevent them.

Our 7-step process which includes inspection, containment, remediation, damage-removal, cleanup and HEPA vacuuming, anti-microbial prevention, and a final inspection has ensured over 10 years of successful mold removal.

In Conclusion

As a parent, it’s our goal to protect our children from all kinds of dangers. However, it’s not always easy to protect them from something you cannot see. Mold Solutions is here to make your job as your child’s protector a little bit easier.


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