Removing and Preventing Bathroom Mold

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If you’ve ever had the joy of pulling back your shower curtain to see some sort of dark, slimy substance at the bottom of your shower curtain or around your faucet, don’t worry.

We’ve all been there.

Bathroom mold is a very common problem and it doesn’t mean your house is dirty or completely infested with mold.

However, it might mean you have a moisture problem but that doesn’t mean it’s time for you to panic.

Here are some tips on removing and preventing bathroom mold.

Removing Bathroom Mold

I would be willing to bet that the first time you lived on your own without your parents, you probably experienced some lovely bathroom mold.

I admit that I remember calling my mom in a panic in my first apartment after seeing my shower curtain stained with mold.

Fortunately, removing mold isn’t a difficult process if it’s contained to a small area. In fact, you don’t even need to buy any sort of special cleaning solution. The items you need are probably in your kitchen, which is always a nice thing to hear.

Removing bathroom mold only requires white vinegar, baking soda, warm water, and a washcloth. Combine the vinegar, baking soda and water into an empty (and clean) spray bottle and mix the solution really well.

Once it’s mixed, thoroughly soak the areas affected by mold. Don’t wipe the mold away immediately because the solution needs time to soak in and penetrate all the way to the bottom. If you wipe it away too quickly, there’s a chance you won’t remove the mold completely and that leaves the door wide open for its return.

Once you’ve let the solution soak for ten to fifteen minutes, take a warm washcloth and give the area a good scrub. This should remove any of the mold along with the stains it may have left behind.

As an extra precaution, spray the solution on the area again except this time let it dry completely. This will give you an added boost for fighting mold in the future.

But that’s not where we’re going to leave it.

Here are a few steps you can take that helps prevent mold from ever returning.

Preventing Bathroom Mold

Above all else, mold is attracted to moisture. It has to have moisture and a feeding source to survive.

The tricky part, however, is the fact that mold can feed on a wide variety of items. It can survive on fabric, wood, cellulose, and more. This makes it a little harder to prevent, but it can be done.

First and foremost, try to eliminate any excess moisture. Obviously, your bathroom is going to have moisture in it on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean mold is destined to grow there.

After taking a shower or bath, make sure to wipe down the remaining water with a towel. This includes wiping off your mirror that may have fogged up from the steam.

Also, put all damp towels or washcloths into the washing machine right away. If you’re like me, you might have a tendency to toss them on the floor in a hurry and go about your day.

Don’t be like me.

Damp laundry can be a magnet for mold and that’s what we want to avoid.

Finally, make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated. This might be a bigger project than expected but it can be a huge help in preventing bathroom mold. Make sure any vents in the bathroom transport the excess moisture to the outside and not to another room in the house. If you don’t have a vent, but have access to a window, crack the window whenever you’re taking a shower to let the steam out of the room.

This helps keep moisture from building up on your walls and other surfaces int he bathroom and ultimately, helps keep your bathroom mold-free.

Professional Mold Removal

If you feel like your bathroom mold is too much for you to handle on your own or even if you just have a question or two about it, give us a call. We can help answer any questions you might have and help get you on the road to a bathroom free of mold. Contact us today!

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