Important Information to Consider Before Attempting Mold Remediation

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Mold can appear when and where you are not expecting it and spread quickly.   

However, as important as cleaning your home from mold quickly, it isn’t something you should attempt on your own if it’s covering an area that is more than 10 square feet. Here are some important things to consider before you start the remediation process.   

Isolate the Area

First, you need to isolate the cleanup area and prevent unprotected family members from entering it. Remember that mold can easily migrate from one room to another, so once you close the area, you shouldn’t leave it unless you successfully get rid of the infestation. 

Wear Protective Equipment

You need to wear appropriate personal protective equipment regardless of how big or small the infected area is. At a minimum, you should wear a face mask whenever you handle mold-contaminated material. But our advice is to also use work gloves, safety glasses, protective footwear, and a face mask. 

Avoid Direct Contact

Touching mold with your bare hands or skin is dangerous. Not only can you become a carrier and spread the spores to other rooms, but you might also experience allergic reactions. So do your best to avoid direct contact, even with items that are only partially infested.

Don’t Disperse Mold Spores Into the Air

When removing mold, you need to be careful not to disperse any spores into the air, as they can be inhaled by other occupants in the same building. Also, pay extra attention when checking behind wall coverings to avoid the release of spores. 

Safely Dispose of Damaged Materials

Once the remediation is complete, you need to dispose of any damaged materials such as bags and seals. If you are unable to completely clean drywall, furniture, or carpeting, you’ll also have to throw them away. Otherwise, you increase the risk of further infestations.

Never Paint Over Mold

When cleaning surfaces, it can be tough to get rid of pesky stains. However, whatever you do, never paint over mold. In fact, doing so can trap mold spores and offer them a dark and damp environment to grow again in the future. 

Avoid Using the HVAC System

Lastly, avoid running the HVAC system if you believe that it contains mold spores. You must either clean it beforehand or contact a professional and have it checked. By activating your HVAC system without proper cleanup, you will disperse spores all across your home. 

Professional Mold Remediation

It’s important to remember that mold is dangerous, and you should only attempt to clean small infestations. As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends professional help for any contamination that covers an area bigger than 10 square feet. 

Mold Solutions is ready to tackle your mold problem. Our team relies on the most advanced remediation equipment available to safely dispose of mold.


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