Employee Spotlight – Adam Mrazek

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It’s been a little over a month since our last Employee Spotlight and I decided it’s time for everyone to meet another member of our team.

Adam was one of the first employees to fill out my Employee Spotlight survey and somehow I’ve just now managed to introduce him to everyone. (Sorry about that, Adam!)

His secret talent listed below is, hands down, my favorite one and while some may scoff at that sort of thing, let me tell you – it takes practice. (I may or may not have tried to perfect the exact same talent as a kid.) So, kudos to Adam for putting in the time to master that skill.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Keep on reading to know more about Adam Mrazek in this edition of the Mold Solutions Employee Spotlight!

Employee Spotlight – Adam Mrazek

What’s the Best Book You’ve Ever Read?

What’s the Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen and Why Did You Hate It?

If You Found a Genie, What Would Be Your Three Wishes?

What’s Your Favorith Thing About Working at Mold Solutions?

What’s Your Grossest Mold Story?

If You’re Stranded on a Desert Island and Can Only Have One Album to Listen to, What Would it Be?

You Only Get to Order Three Different Fast Food Meals for the Rest of Your Life. What Are They?

If You Won the Lottery, What’s the First Thing You Would Buy?

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That is a very brief overview of Adam Mrazek, but do you have other questions you’re dying to ask? If so, you can always shoot us an email!

While we love introducing you to our employees, our main focus at Mold Solutions is mold remediation. Do you have questions about mold? Do you suspect you have mold? Contact us today! All of our employees are certified and trained to help you out with all of your mold removal needs.


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