Coronavirus Cleaning

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Mold Solutions remains open and is now offering a Coronavirus Cleaning Service for residential and commercial spaces.


Our company is here to help you fight back against Coronavirus. The World Health Organization said Coronavirus can live hours or for days depending on the environment.

Cleaning and applying disinfectants is what Mold Solutions does on an every day basis. We have the tools to address viruses, bacteria, microbial growth and other pathogens. We’ve expanded our team to assist in sanitizing residential and commercial spaces using our product, Onslaught Disinfectant, in combination with HEPA Vacuuming. The Coronavirus Cleaning includes:

HEPA vacuuming of all flat services in the treatment areas.
Applying our Onslaught Disinfectant by fogging the treatment area.
We will also wipe down all horizontal surfaces with a wet cloth/microfiber brush using our Onslaught Disinfectant .
We conduct our operations in full PPE, including full face respirators to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

We are open per the executive order section 12 (h) to serve and protect our customers.

Onslaught Disinfectant (ONSLAUGHT falls under the EPA registration number 61178, and is sub-registered with the EPA as 61178-1-88903). EPA and FDA approved against Coronavirus and more common viruses. in combination with HEPA Vacuuming to sanitize homes and offices for customers.

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