Why You Should Test for Mold Before Purchasing a Home

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Before buying a new home, most people like to have it examined by a licensed home inspector. No one wants to invest in something that has serious structural damage. In other words, we hire home inspectors because we want to know exactly what we are paying for. These inspections help us learn all the details about the quality of the home’s interior, exterior, plumbing, and electrics.

But what about mold? Mold examinations are not a part of home inspection services. So, even if the inspector gives us the green light to move in, the mold might still be there. Thus, our dream home might turn out to be a true harbor of mold that’s lurking and staying hidden.

Hiring a Mold Inspector Is a Must

First of all, home sellers are not obliged in any way to tell us whether there are mold issues. It goes without saying that some of them may even cover up the presence of mold. They can do so by simply painting the walls. We would never be able to tell the difference — until the mold resurfaces a few weeks after we move in. The outcome would be devastating both for our wallets and our health.

So, should we avoid buying used homes? Absolutely not. Mold can spread even in new constructions. Such homes are maybe energy efficient, but they do not always have decent ventilation systems that would prevent mold from showing up.

The mold can cause serious structural damage to our the home. In order to avoid buying such a property, we recommend hiring certified mold inspectors to examine it beforehand.

Why Mold Appears

First of all, mold cannot grow without a considerable level of humidity, and it cannot sustain itself without dead organic matter. Actually, mold’s sole purpose in nature is to disintegrate such matter. But we don’t want our home to end up disintegrated, right?

Well, the mold never chooses its victims. Our homes are perfect for it because they are built out of wood, fabric, and paper, all of which are, technically, dead organic matter. Furthermore, there is also moisture that can build up in places like chimneys and roofs.

Replacing all woodwork in our homes with metal would be ridiculous. Instead, we can control the level of humidity and thus prevent the mold from spreading. Professional mold examination can further help us with that problem. The inspectors will not only confirm the presence of mold but also deduce the source of moisture that caused it to spread in the first place.

Mold Can Cause Health Problems

Mold can cause specific health issues, especially if it’s highly toxic like the infamous black mold. Asthma and even serious lung infections are potential mold consequences that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But not all types of mold are dangerous for our health. Professional mold inspectors can accurately determine the type of mold in our new home and whether it’s harmful to your health or not.

Cathy Arrington’s House of Horrors

Cathy Arrington’s case is a perfect example of how people can regret their decision to invest in a certain home. The house that she decided to buy was so perfectly maintained that she could move in right away. A few weeks later, however, dirt started to appear out of nowhere. That lead her to discover mold and rusty pipes. Consequently, she had to spend a considerable amount of money in order to fix the ceilings, walls, floors, and plumbing.

Now, if Ms. Arrington decided to have a mold inspection, she wouldn’t have put herself through all that trouble. A simple air quality test would have confirmed a high spore count, and warn her of future problems.

A Few Parting Words

When you really think about it, the answer is simple — always hire mold inspectors to examine a home before you move forward. That will save you the trouble of going through a detailed renovation that can cost quite a bit.

If you have further questions about mold and how to deal with it, you should feel free consult with the Mold Solutions team. We are highly-trained professionals and experts in dealing with many different types of mold and will ensure you the peace-of-mind that your home is mold-free.


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