Typical Delays When Closing on a Home

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Mold When Closing on a Home

Though selling a property is easy for most real estate agents, buyers often find that closing on a home takes way too long for a variety of reasons. It takes about four weeks on average to get everything ready. In most cases, the delays come down to repairs required to pass a home inspection.

It’s the real estate agent’s job to make sure that the closing doesn’t go past the deadline. Because of that, they should help buyers make the right decisions, especially when it comes to hiring contractors. One of the most common issues they may have to deal with is mold, which requires hiring qualified, reliable professionals.

Why Expertise Matters

When closing on a home, it’s crucial to pay attention to all the details. A real estate agent’s reputation depends on that, not to mention the buyer’s satisfaction.

When there is a lack of experience and expertise, a company may be eager and willing to cut the costs in half. Unfortunately, that’s bound to create other issues in the future. When dealing with delicate problems that can lead to delays, such as mold growth, only experts are to be trusted.

The Worst-Case Scenario

It’s in human nature to try to cut expenses whenever possible. Nevertheless, when dealing with a home inspection, cutting corners could only waste both time and money.

If we hire an unqualified contractor who only partially deals with the mold issue, it’s likely that our home won’t pass the next inspection. It’s necessary to deal with it as soon as possible — and deal with it well — to get on the inspector’s good side.

In case our new home doesn’t pass the inspection, we’re looking at a delay that can quickly drive us crazy with impatience. Even worse, hiring an unreliable contractor first and then opting for a real expert is a massive waste of money. Instead, go for a company that has had creditable experience in this field, like Mold Solutions.

Who We Are

For some contractors, profit is the only thing they strive for. And to be completely transparent, we won’t deny that we’re looking to profit by doing our job well.

However, money has to be earned properly. More importantly, we mustn’t cause our customers issues by delaying the closing, or worse, making them fail a home inspection.

No matter if we have only a few days or a couple of weeks to get to your home and remove the mold, we guarantee top-quality results. Our experience has allowed us to grow as a company, and we learn about mold mitigation every single day. Thus, regardless of how big of an issue it is, we will do our best to deal with it, keeping your happiness and hurry in mind.

Why Choose Us

Wasting your time and making you wait for weeks to close on a home isn’t a part of our agenda. Some contractors may have a problem dealing with tight schedules. However, over the years, we have learned to successfully bypass various obstacles, as well as deal with issues in the most proactive way.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so we won’t hesitate to move you up on our schedule to start working on your mold issues immediately. Besides that, if it’s not possible to speed up the whole process, we may be able to strike a deal with the title company. In that case, we would do the mold mitigation after you close.

In the end, closing on a home is a special day. It’s the day your new life begins, so we want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Luckily, in case of any mold, you now know who to turn to. Don’t waste time — contact Mold Solutions today. Let our experts take care of your new home and make it truly perfect!


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