Realtors, Don’t Scare Away Your Buyers With Mold!

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There’s no need for this year’s spooky season to be ruined by some mold. With our help, both realtors and buyers will be able to spot mold like pros and know exactly what to do about it. So let’s see what the most common telltale signs are, and why it’s key to get the professionals involved right from the get-go.

Telltale Signs of Mold in a Home


1. Spots on the Grout

Your grout should always, without fail, be either white or off-white. However, sometimes it can get dirty, which is why it’s important to clean it before an inspection. We recommend using a natural vinegar and baking powder solution to clean, then looking for any spots on the grout that can indicate a mold problem.


2. Funny-Smelling AC

We know that funny-smelling AC is a bit of a broad term, but allow us to explain. Since most people tend to start using their ACs only during the spring or summer, if their AC starts expelling air that smells weird, they usually chalk it up to dirty filters.

But the truth is that, more often than not, there’s mold hiding in the unit. From there, it can easily distribute mold spores around your home. That’s why it’s best to call professionals, like  Mold Solutions, to help with the cleaning.

3. Dots on the Wall

Blackish or greenish dots and spots on the walls of a home are dead giveaways that there’s a mold problem. However, they might not always be smack-dab in the middle of a living room. That’s why we always recommend doing a top-to-bottom inspection, starting with the basement and all the way to the attic.

We also recommend checking for any sort of deformities, like bubbling or chipping on the walls or wallpaper. That usually means that there’s water somewhere in the wall, which will easily lead to a mold problem.

Now, identifying the right type of mold, and understanding how to deal with it on your own is next to impossible. So we recommend hiring professionals to do a proper, in-depth inspection. They’re the only ones who can treat the problem at the root, and not just cover it up.

4. Spots on the Roof Insulation

Mold loves finding dark and gloomy spaces to grow, which is why we often find it in roof insulation. Once a year, all homeowners should check their attics or roofs.

Also, potential buyers or realtors need to do an inspection if they plan on buying/selling a home. But accessing the insulation on a roof to check for mold spots is extremely difficult to do without the proper tools and guidance.

What to Do About Mold in a Home

The fall season is a excellent time for buying and selling, so let’s get you the ideal solutions for mold removal in the event it pops up on an inspection report.

If you suspect that a home you’re interested in has mold, it’s time to get the professionals involved. For one, we know exactly how to tackle it, and we only use solutions that get rid of mold, not just cover it up. Also, we have solutions that assist in preventing mold from coming back in the area’s we remediated so you’re set-up for success moving forward.

But most importantly, we know how to do that in a timely manner. We respect your deadlines and have never delayed a closing to wait on mold removal. So if you want a fast and thorough mold inspection and removal, give Mold Solutions a call right now.


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