Pink Mold 101: What It Is and How to Prevent It

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When it comes to mold, most homeowners are wary of the black kind — it sounds as if it would be the most dangerous one, right? Well, as it turns out, pink mold isn’t as harmless as its name might suggest. 

About Pink Mold and Where It Can Show Up

Unfortunately, pink mold, or Aureobasidium, can grow pretty much everywhere. Granted, it loves moisture, but you will find it both indoors and outdoors. Recently, we’ve seen a number of occurrences of it developing on the lumber used in newly constructed homes. You may also find that it develops between floor tiles and in showers and bathtubs, and it’s not uncommon to see it in carpets, as well as on wallpaper, behind mirrors and in cabinets, especially those in the bathroom.

Health Concerns

One of the reasons you ought to deal with pink mold immediately is your health. Namely, any kind of mold can lead to various health concerns. Pink mold, in particular, can cause an allergic reaction — you may break out in a rash and hives. What’s more, you may develop some respiratory problems; the mold can even cause infections, inflammation, and bleeding in the lungs.

But, is everyone equally susceptible to pink mold? As it turns out, this type of mold can affect every person out there. However, the elderly and infants are in danger the most. Furthermore, pink mold can even affect pets — some of them might accidentally eat some of it or otherwise get exposed to it.

Thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You ought to deal with pink mold as soon as possible because the risk is just too great to ignore!

Tips on How to Prevent Pink Mold

One of the worst things you can do after you get out of the shower is to close the bathroom door. Remember to keep it open for about 15 minutes so as not to trap any moisture inside. Additionally, leftover shampoo and soap is basically food for pink mold, so remove the residue once you get out of the shower.

Pink mold also loves broken and leaky pipes; there’s nothing better for mold growth than stale air and stagnant water. Thus, it’s essential to check for broken pipes from time to time. Also, when possible, turn your bathroom’s fan on — you should dry out any moisture and liquid left behind.

If you’re worried about pink mold in your bathroom, keep in mind that carpets and rugs are the main culprits of mold growth. These are an excellent breeding ground for pink mold, which is why you ought to either remove all of them or wash them often. They should dry thoroughly after each wash too.

Removing Pink Mold

In general, mold is not that easy to remove. However, there are a few things you can try, such as using a disinfectant with bleach. 

Still, know that this would mostly work on non-porous surfaces. If you find mold on a porous surface, like wallpaper, you might have to call in the professionals. Also, if it attacks your insulation, you’ll have to remove it and replace it entirely.

In any case, when removing mold, proper protection is crucial. It’s extremely dangerous to handle mold without safety gloves, a mold-approved mask, and some goggles. Therefore, before trying to remove it by yourself, arm yourself with equipment — don’t risk your health!

Also, remember to use biocide after you remove all the mold. That will help sanitize the area and prevent any spores you might have missed from growing and spreading.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, pink mold is neither easy to prevent nor to remove. In most cases, homeowners notice it far too late for a quick fix. Therefore, look for telltale signs there’s pink mold in your home and call a professional to get rid of it immediately. It’s essential to contain it and remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your health might be in grave danger!


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