What You Need to Know About Mold Testing

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Mold TestingMold is the greatest known health threat to the indoor environment today.

This is according to the Environmental Protection Agency, yet most of us don’t even think about mold in our homes—until it’s too late.

Who is at Risk?

Mold found in our homes affects those most important to us—our family and friends. The troubling part is we spend time every week cleaning nooks and crannies to prevent dust, dirt, and bacteria from taking over. Yet, insidious mold spores can find a way to crawl behind walls, in ductwork, and under floors, as they seek the food source and moisture they need to grow.

Because mold can cause illness, allergies, and more, it’s important to know if your home has mold and, if so, what to do about it.

How Do I Know if Mold is in My Home?

If you are certain mold is already in your home, testing for it is expensive and useless.

If, however, you suspect mold has contaminated your home, but don’t have proof (perhaps you can smell it), it’s time to call a professional to test for you.

The sooner the better, because mold can spread quickly, especially in favorable conditions. Mold can be minimized when treated in the very early stages.

Mold Testing in Your Home

Mold testing in your home is most often done by pulling air samples that are analyzed at an independent laboratory.  

The other primary method is what is called lift sample testing. If the laboratory finds elevated levels of mold, your mold professional will develop a specific remediation scope to meet your needs.

The professionals can best explain the different approaches to mold testing and help identify the best one for your situation.

Is There a Practical Solution?

Before consulting a mold testing expert, sniff around areas that are prone to mold to check for it.

Check the attic, basement, and other rooms that are not used much. If you can smell mold, the next step is to move things around to see if you can see it.

Once you have determined there may be mold in your home, it is time to call in the professionals so they can test and remove the mold.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Trust your senses! If you think you have mold in your home, take action immediately. Do not wait. Call us immediately.


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