Mold Removal and the Moldy Debris That Comes Along With It

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debrisSo you’ve found your way here because you suspect you have mold in your home and you need some mold removal answers.

If you’re just starting out, you’ve more than likely researched a multitude of ways you can rid your house of mold.

Have you thought about how you’re going to get the debris out of your home?

It’s OK.

Most people don’t.

Their main concern is just getting the mold OUT. You have to be careful with your disposal methods and I am here to tell you why.

Mold Removal and Moldy Debris: I Don’t Want This, What Should I Do?

Mold removal should almost always be left to certified professionals. (I happen to know a few, if you’re interested.) It can be a time-consuming process and it’s often easier to let professionals take care of the problem.

The spores released from mold can cause all sorts of nasty side effects ranging anywhere from allergic reactions to respiratory infections and we’d all like to avoid that.

When moldy debris is being carried through the house, you run the risk of cross contamination.  In simple terms, you run the risk of spreading mold to the areas of the home that previously did not have a mold problem.  The work areas should be sealed and controlled with proper containment.  The area should also be under negative air pressure which is achieved through the use of an Air Filtration Device (AFD).  The AFD will catch particulates in the air as small as .03 microns. That’s 0.0000011811 inches, or 1.1 millionth of an inch!

It is also helpful to place moldy debris inside 6ml minimum thickness plastic bags, and seal them before walking them outside of the containment zone.  

It’s also important for anyone in the area to be wearing Personal Protective Equipment. This includes rubber gloves, face masks, and respirators. However, it’s important to note that only certain individuals are cleared for wearing certain respirators and other PPE equipment.

Once you have the debris outside of your home, you will likely be able to throw it into the garbage.  Larger projects may require a special dumpster to be delivered to the home.  Always check local laws and regulations to be sure moldy items aren’t under any special local regulations in your area.

Certified Mold Inspectors

When the mold is disturbed it can release spores and spread the problem further in your house and that is what you’re trying to avoid.

We have an individualized process that allows us to tailor the mold removal process specifically to your needs. We use proprietary products that we manufacture in our mold remediation processes that help cut down on costs all around. It’s effective and safe, and it helps get into those tight spaces where mold might be hiding.

If you think you may have a mold problem, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you and better yet, we’d love to get you and your family breathing easier in no time.


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