Energy Efficient Homes and Mold Prevention

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Many of us are always looking for ways we can cut back on our living expenses. Investing in an energy efficient home is a route many take and while it will help with the cost of your heating and cooling bills, it might make mold prevention harder.

Disappointing news, I know.

However, if you’re aware of the signs of mold growth and stay vigilant with your prevention methods not all hope is lost so don’t chalk it up as a loss just yet.

Energy Efficient Home Advantages

These types of homes are great at several things. One of the biggest benefits of an energy efficient home is the lower electrical and heating bills. While the purchase of the home might be more expensive upfront, you’ll be saving money in the long run which can help even things out.

The type of insulation in energy efficient homes is very effective and this helps regulate your house’s internal temperature. This means that since very little heat or cool air is escaping, it’s less work on your HVAC system to keep things in order.

All in all, these are great benefits, however, they might come with a cost.

Energy Efficient Homes and Mold

I mentioned that energy efficient homes come with top notch insulation that is great at keeping your house temperature regulated, but it might do its job just a little too well.

While it keeps all the heat and/or cool air inside, it also hold on to any moisture inside as well. In a regular home, when moisture makes its way inside to collect on surfaces or on the wooden structure of the home, it dries reasonably quickly because the air is constantly being circulated.

Energy efficient homes are so good at keeping the outdoor elements outside it doesn’t do a great job at ventilating the house and there’s where the problem lies.

If the moisture inside doesn’t dry quickly, this provides a perfect environment for mold to grow.

Mold Prevention in an Energy Efficient Home

All of this information doesn’t mean your dream of owning an energy efficient home has to be tossed out the window. It just means you need to be extra vigilant with your mold preventionduties.

Always keep an eye out for excess moisture. Invest in regular checks of your air ducts to help keep them free of dirt and debris as you want your ventilation working at its best at all times.

Always keep fans any ventilation fans running whenever someone takes a shower or bath and dry up any moisture buildup you see on countertops, windows, or other surfaces.

On nice days, open your windows to help keep the air circulating and let the fresh air into your home.

All of these little tips combined should help you have the energy efficient home you’ve always wanted without the mold growth that sometimes come along with it.

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