Don’t Let Mold Jeopardize Your Sale!

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Selling a house is a serious business — you want to make sure it’s as appealing to the customer as possible. That’s why you clean, fix loose handles, change light bulbs, and repair squeaky hinges.

But when the time comes to seal the deal, the buyer suddenly backs down. After all that hard work, what happened?

Well, unfortunately, the client might have hired mold inspection, which discovered the presence of this unwanted guest on your property.

Even when you don’t see it, mold could be lurking behind the wallpaper or in the crevices of the ceiling. So don’t wait for your client to call a mold expert — do it yourself and avoid unpleasant surprises!

What Can Cause Mold?

There are two things mold likes above everything else — humidity and dead organic matter. Moisture helps it grow, while organic matter contains nutrients that it needs to survive.

Unfortunately, our homes are full of dead organic matter. Wood, paper, fabric — mold feeds on all of these, destroying them in the process. In addition, homes are like small moisture factories. When we cook, dry our clothes, bathe, or wash the dishes, we increase the air humidity inside, making them the perfect environments for mold growth.

Obviously, you can’t get rid of all the woodwork in your house, nor can you stop using warm water. What you can do is control the humidity levels and regularly dry areas where moisture accumulates.

If you are constantly finding tiny droplets, though, it’s best to call a mold inspector. They should be able to determine what the source of the moisture is and how to fix it.

Dangers of Mold

Moldy wallpaper doesn’t look particularly appealing, but that’s not the only reason no one wants it in their home.

Some types of mold, such as black mold, can be highly toxic and have a severe impact on our health. Other, less toxic types can cause lung infections and asthma. And, even when mold isn’t dangerous for your health, it can affect the quality of your life if you’re allergic to it.

Why You Should Hire a Mold Inspector

We understand — you don’t want to tell your potential clients that the house they’re thinking of buying has mold issues. On the other hand, you definitely don’t want to be one of those sellers who just paint over their walls and pretend that mold isn’t there. Not only is it unfair to your customers, but it’s also likely to ruin your reputation.

So instead, why not avoid both of these scenarios and hire mold inspectors? They will thoroughly examine your property and determine whether there is mold, what type it is, and how to get rid of it. Once the mold is gone, they will also implement prevention strategies, which will ensure that it never comes back.

That way, you can guarantee a safe and mold-free home to your customers. And if they choose to hire a mold inspector as well and check your claims — well, you have nothing to fear.

Cathy Arrington’s Case

The story of Cathy Arrington, whose dream home turned into a nightmare when she discovered hidden mold and rusty pipes, serves as a cautionary tale to all home buyers. Now they know that, in order to avoid the same fate, they must hire a mold inspector.

Since buyers are more careful than ever, you, as a home seller, must be as well. Don’t put your property on the market without a thorough check — it could very well cost you a sale.

Final Thoughts

Mold can be a dealbreaker, and it’s easy to see why. No one wants to buy a house and then spend thousands of dollars on renovations trying to get rid of it.

So don’t let mold jeopardize your sales — call Mold Solutions and enter the negotiations with your clients with confidence!


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