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Have you noticed green mold in your home? Although its black variant is a more common occurrence in homes, green mold is also a dangerous foe to encounter and combat.
In the sections that follow, we will share everything you need to know about green mold, including how to recognize it, its danger, and how to fight it. Read on!

Green Mold: Definition and Appearance

Green mold is a term that covers several species of fungi that all share a distinctive green appearance. Besides the color, this type of mold is also easily recognizable by its soft and powdery look, as well as its pungent, earthy smell.

Like all types of mold, the green variant thrives in humid areas. However, you can also find it in food, especially bread, fruits, and veggies.

Most Common Types of Green Mold

In homes, you can encounter 3 types of green mold on different surfaces.


You can recognize this mold type by its olive green color. Generally, it infests houseplants, especially those that require a lot of watering. Aside from them, you can also find it on or inside kitchen cabinets, walls, and carpeting.


Aspergillus is dark green in color, and it usually grows on spoiled food. Thus, you’ll find it on stale bread and old fruit. In addition, it also thrives in basements, as they are dark and full of moisture.


This blush-green type of mold prefers colder environments. As such, you can find it in soil and drywall. Plus, it will most likely appear on wet items if your home suffers water damage.

The Dangers of Green Mold

Although black mold is notorious for its toxicity to humans and animals, green mold can definitely give it a run for its money.

For one, continuous exposure to green mold can trigger all types of respiratory issues. They range from a mild cough and sore throat to severe asthma attacks and lung infections.

In addition, green mold can also cause allergic reactions, neurological problems, headaches, and dry eyes. It is especially dangerous for kids, seniors, and anyone who is immune-compromised.

What to Do If You Spot Green Mold at Home

If you’ve noticed growths that resemble green mold around your home in the Chicagoland and St. Louis locations, contacting a professional mold remediation company is your safest bet. Otherwise, you risk spreading the spores further around your home and putting yourself and your loved ones in danger.

At Mold Solutions, we have all the equipment and experience necessary to ensure your home is safe once again. So, give us a call, and we’ll come up with an action plan tailored to your home.

With our help, green mold will soon become a thing of the past!


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