Do You Have Toxic Black Mold?

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There’s an endless amount of information available relating to toxic black mold, but it can be difficult to sort through all of it to get to what you really need to know. In this article, I’m going to cover the basic info you need to determine a couple of things. One, this will help you identify if you have toxic black mold in your house and two, what steps you need to take to rectify the problem.

The presence of mold can be frightening. You might be concerned it’s affecting the health of you and your family, but before you panic and start looking for another place to live let’s look at some of the basic qualities of toxic black mold.

What Exactly IS Toxic Black Mold?

First and foremost, toxic black mold (Stachybotrys Chartarum) is a fungus similar to mildew. It needs moisture and a feeding source to survive and it spreads by reproducing spores that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Toxic black mold feeds on a wide variety of items ranging from things like the carpet in your home, the wooden beams in the structure of your house, to cardboard boxes many people use for storage. Combine these things with moisture and you have a breeding ground for mold.

Mold comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, so identifying Stachybotrys can be difficult. It would make sense if toxic black mold was only ever black in color, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. It can be black, but it can also be dark gray, green or even brown. Texture-wise it can range from slimy to a more fuzzy feel and the only way you will ever definitely know if you’re dealing with toxic black mold is if you have it tested by a professional mold remediation service.

Typically, this type of mold is found in warm, humid areas such as the crawl space in your home, basements, bathrooms and showers. The good news is you would notice black mold growing in your shower right away. This means you would have an ample amount of time to remove the mold and rectify the problem. The bad news is that if toxic black mold is growing in a lower traffic area in your home like an unfinished basement or your crawl space, it’s going to take time before you’re even aware there’s a problem.

Before you throw your hands up in despair and declare that all hope is lost, know there are signs that you can keep an eye out for to let you know if you have a toxic black mold issue on hand.

Signs You Might Have Mold

While mold can grow quickly and cause major problems in a home, there are also signs to look for that will help you.

First, if you’ve ever had any sort of water damage, there’s a good possibility you have mold growing somewhere in your home. Mold is immediately attracted to any source of moisture and if the area wasn’t completely dried afterward, mold growth can set in pretty quickly.

Second, if you’ve noticed a musty odor permeating through your home, it’s a sign of mold growth. Try and pinpoint where the smell is strongest and do a thorough check of the room. Make sure you look for any potential sources of moisture in the room and pay attention to any signs of excess moisture. This could be condensation collecting on windows to a general feeling of mugginess in the room.

Finally, if you or members of your family have been experiencing ongoing medical issues, this can be a sign of toxic black mold. Mold allergies run the gamut when it comes to symptoms. They can cause hay fever-like symptoms in some people with itchy eyes, a sore throat, sneezing and respiratory issues, while in other people they can cause headaches, depression, and skin rashes. This is why it makes mold sickness very hard to diagnose. However, if you’re seeing these symptoms in yourself or in family members, as well as the other signs of mold growth, you should speak to a physician to figure out your next steps.

Once you’ve determined whether or not you have a toxic black mold problem, that’s when you call a professional mold remediation service like us.

Toxic Black Mold Removal

Toxic black mold is too dangerous to remove on your own and a team of professional mold removal specialists is always needed to complete the procedure. Our team will help devise a plan that works with your schedule and answer all of your questions along the way. The health of our customers is our number one concern so contact us today!

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