Christmas Wish List for Mold Prevention

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As the holidays get closer, I’m sure many of you are finishing up your letters to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas.

If you’ve ever had to deal with mold growth in your home, getting Santa to solve all of your mold prevention problems would be a dream come true and that’s why I’m bringing you a list of what to ask Santa for this year.

Mold Prevention Wish List

The big guy in red can solve almost anything but just to be sure let’s tell him exactly what you need to keep mold from making its way into your home this holiday season.

No Moisture

The biggie on anyone’s wish list to keep mold at bay should be a moisture-free home, but listen, we’re being realistic here. There isn’t any fool proof way to 100% keep water out of your home, but there are lots of things Santa can keep an eye on for you to reduce the amount of moisture in your house.

First, ask him to make sure you don’t have any leaks from a burst pipe or a hole in your roof. You should also ask him to to check your foundation to see if there are any small cracks that precipitation could somehow allow moisture inside.

To go the extra mile, he’ll probably want to check on the landscaping situation outside. If it’s sloped toward your home, a heavy rain or snow can easily bring that liquid into your house. Landscaping should be slanted away from your house so that any excess moisture flows away from the structure.

But since we’re speaking of moisture, that also leads us to the next item on your wish list.

Clean Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home can be a leading cause of mold growth in your home so if mold prevention is what you’re asking for this Christmas, you definitely want to make sure Santa makes a note of this.

Poor ventilation in your home leads to a buildup of dirt and debris inside the ducts. Combine that with condensation that accumulates from constantly changing temperatures, it transforms into a breeding ground for mold.

Ask Santa for a professional duct cleaning in your home or building if you suspect you have mold growth, and then set a reminder for yourself to regularly change the filters in your home to help cut down on any dirt that could make its way inside the ducts.

Regular Spot Checks

As nice as it would be to have Santa there year round, he’s got toys to make, elves to manage, and naps to take. Mold prevention is a constant item on our to-do list, but what you can ask Santa for are reminders to do regular spot checks in your home for mold growth.

Mold grows quickly and can easily get out of hand before you even notice it, and this is why you need a regular schedule to check for mold. Check in areas where there’s higher humidity like your bathroom and laundry room. Look in and around your faucets and sinks to keep an eye out for any patches of mold.

Also, go over areas that aren’t frequently visited such as your attic or basement. These are both common places for mold to grow and keeping an eye on these rooms will help with mold prevention.

Professional Mold Prevention

Of course, if you have more questions and feel like Santa isn’t the route you want to take, you can always contact us here at Mold Solutions. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and our team of mold removal specialists can give you even more details on the best mold prevention tactics. Contact us today!

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash


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