Can I Paint Over Mold?

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Painting Over Mold

Although getting a can of paint and painting over the mold we’ve just found in the bathroom seems like a good idea, experience has shown it’s the worst thing we can do. As it turns out, painting over mold can lead to legal trouble, harm our health, and drive money out of our wallets. Worst of all — it’s completely pointless!

Can Paint Fix My Mold Issues?

Unfortunately, no — paint can only serve as a short-term solution that “hides” where the mold is. In reality, no matter how diligently we paint over the mold, that won’t kill it. Underneath all those layers of paint, it will continue to grow and spread through our home, eventually causing irreparable damage.

Mold is a telltale sign that we have a massive problem with moisture in our home. However, rather than hide the issue, we must try to resolve it. It could be that there’s a leak somewhere or that our ventilation system is not up to standard. Whatever it is, it’s best to tend to it now to avoid further mold growth.

Avoid Legal Trouble and Higher Expenses

Unfortunately, many people decide to paint over mold because they care more about appearance rather than fixing the issue. That’s why they can expect costly repairs in the near future. 

When you paint over mold, you’re not fixing the problem — you’re merely hiding it. Thus, it can grow and grow until it starts showing again on the walls. But, by the time that happens, the damage will be greater than ever before and will require professional removal and repair at a much higher price.

On top of that, painting over mold can give you a massive legal headache, as well. If you sell a house or rent an apartment without mentioning the mold issue, you could get sued later for endangering someone’s health. When mold is left untreated, it grows further and causes various health issues, some of which can even have long-term consequences.

Besides that, if you’ve sold your home to a buyer who now has to spend a lot of money to remove the mold, they could also have a case against you. After all, you’ve intentionally avoided disclosing the mold issue and made their expenses surge!

I’ve Been Told Mold-Proof Paint Could Help. Does It Really Work?

Yes and no — it depends whether you’re painting over mold with it or not.

Mold-proof paint is an excellent option if we want to prevent any mold from occurring in the near future. Once we determine there is no mold on the walls, we can cover them with this type of paint and keep mold at bay at least for a few years.

However, that doesn’t mean mold-proof paint can help us remove or treat mold when it’s already there. If it is already quite apparent, nothing but proper removal will stop the mold from spreading. 

Mold-proof paint isn’t a toxic solution we can apply to kill the mold — it will do the same thing as regular paint. Despite its name and mold-preventing properties, this type of paint isn’t able to stop the mold from wreaking havoc throughout the house.

Easy Mold Removal

If there’s some mold on a smooth surface, we don’t necessarily have to call in a professional. We can mix one part bleach and ten parts water and use that solution to wipe the surface clean.

Call Mold Solutions for Expert Mold Removal

If you’ve found mold on porous and rough surfaces, know that you may not be able to remove it yourself. Because of that, opt to get some professional help. As an expert in this line of business, Mold Solutions is here to help homeowners live a healthier life by eliminating mold quickly and efficiently. 

Therefore, don’t wait for the problem to expand further. To get a quote and determine the best approach to mold removal in your home, contact Mold Solutions now.


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