The Clock Is Ticking!

Too much water in the house always spells trouble — it may ruin your furniture, compromise the construction, and destroy electronics. On top of that, moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth. And once mold invades your home, the whole process of restoration becomes much harder and pricier. So how much time do you […]

What Does Black Mold Reveal About Your Home?

Your home is your fortress, but it is also the breeding ground of many microorganisms. Among these minuscule house guests are the health-threatening microfungi Stachybotrys chartarum. These sneaky little creatures are particularly dangerous for people with chronic respiratory conditions. However, the black mold they form can reveal a lot about your home — from house […]

Summertime is Mold Season. Is Your Home Ready?

We all love summer, but the truth is — it seriously increases the chances of mold growth in our homes. In fact, some mold spores are completely inactive during cold months, and they start growing rapidly once it gets hotter outside. Summer is also the time when we lock up and leave our homes to […]

Can I Paint Over Mold?

Painting Over Mold

Although getting a can of paint and painting over the mold we’ve just found in the bathroom seems like a good idea, experience has shown it’s the worst thing we can do. As it turns out, painting over mold can lead to legal trouble, harm our health, and drive money out of our wallets. Worst […]

Mold Removal with Bleach – Not Recommmended

The topic of mold removal can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like professional remediation services are your only option. Finding mold growth anywhere in your home is alarming, but we actually get many calls from people who are concerned about toxic black mold growing in their bathrooms. Most of the time the mold is […]

Removing and Preventing Bathroom Mold

If you’ve ever had the joy of pulling back your shower curtain to see some sort of dark, slimy substance at the bottom of your shower curtain or around your faucet, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Bathroom mold is a very common problem and it doesn’t mean your house is dirty or completely infested […]

Bathroom Mold: An Action Plan

If there is a common annoyance shared by homeowners around the world, it has to be the appearance of bathroom mold. Nobody wants to go into their bathroom only to discover gross, slimy mold growing on the bottom of their shower, curtain, in the grout of their tile or around their faucets. Unfortunately, it happens […]

Bathroom Mold: An Unwanted Visitor in Your Shower

Hot. Steamy. Fog clouding up the mirror. You might think I’m describing a scene out of Fifty Shades of Grey but nope; plot twist! I’m talking about mold’s favorite place to grow. (Not where you thought I was going, was it?) Bathroom mold is a common problem in homes all across Chicago. It can be […]