BRR… Potentially Record Setting Cold Coming Our Way, Here’s What to Do!

Why is the Winter a Perfect Time for Mold? Because mold’s favorite living conditions are dark, damp, and humid areas, you would think mold wouldn’t show up until the summer to start wreaking havoc on your home and your breathing. Mold can find a way to grow even in the dead of winter if the […]

How to Deal with Mold, Mildew Smells in Your Washing Machine

Washing machines provide a level of efficiency most of us couldn’t imagine living without. The problem? We’ve also had to deal with a funky smell coming from the machines that seems to be impossible to eliminate completely. We have a solution for even the grimiest of washing machines. Smelly Washing Machines and What to Do […]

Things You Can Do To Reduce Moisture

Moisture is one of the hidden enemies of any household. Moisture will seep into the walls, floors and structure beams, and that will cause a lot of damage to your property.  Also high moisture levels eventually lead to the formation of mold. You probably know already what mold is – and one such mold that […]

Failing Sump Pumps and Mold Prevention

The most common “first aid kit” homeowners can use against flooding comes in the form of a sump pump. By definition, these pumps act as an insurance policy and can be installed in the basement or crawlspace. If it so happens that groundwater begins to collect, it will trigger the sensor on the pump, which […]

Don’t Let Mold Jeopardize Your Sale!

Selling a house is a serious business — you want to make sure it’s as appealing to the customer as possible. That’s why you clean, fix loose handles, change light bulbs, and repair squeaky hinges. But when the time comes to seal the deal, the buyer suddenly backs down. After all that hard work, what […]

Common Aspergillus Molds Can Induce Asthma

Many people think that having mold in their homes is nothing but a sight for sore eyes and that it’s not actually dangerous. But the truth is, certain types of mold, like the Aspergillus, are huge health hazards, and inhaling them can have dire consequences. So what is Aspergillus mold and how does it affect […]

Attic Mold in Spring, It’s a Thing!

Under the right conditions, mold can and will grow all year round. But during the spring, it becomes even more active and grows more rapidly, especially in dark and humid spaces. That’s why attic mold is so widespread, especially when temperatures start rising. So how can we put an end to this pesky fungus? Can […]

Can I Paint Over Mold?

Painting Over Mold

Although getting a can of paint and painting over the mold we’ve just found in the bathroom seems like a good idea, experience has shown it’s the worst thing we can do. As it turns out, painting over mold can lead to legal trouble, harm our health, and drive money out of our wallets. Worst […]

Mold Prevention Tips for New Construction

Mold Prevention New Construction Cover Image

Mold can be a real pain to property owners as well as new construction projects. Not only are you guaranteed not to sell your property without proper remediation, but there’s also a risk of various health issues in a moldy house. Luckily, we at Mold Solutions can help you with that.  However, we don’t just […]

Pink Mold 101: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Pink Mold Lumber Image

When it comes to mold, most homeowners are wary of the black kind — it sounds as if it would be the most dangerous one, right? Well, as it turns out, pink mold isn’t as harmless as its name might suggest.  About Pink Mold and Where It Can Show Up Unfortunately, pink mold, or Aureobasidium, […]