Beyond Mold: A Closer Look at Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are defined as toxic substances produced by fungi, mold, and yeast. When ingested, they can cause a lot of damage to humans and animals, especially those who already have health issues.  Below, we’ll delve a bit deeper into these substances and reveal how you can recognize, avoid, and prevent them from appearing in your […]

Don’t Soil the Sale: Look for These Signs of Mold Before Listing

Are you planning to sell your home? With the interest rates being at their highest in a while, this year’s Spring Rush is about to be the busiest and most challenging yet. Thus, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence and make sure your home is in pristine condition before listing. One […]

Sudden Water Stains! Is it a Sign of Mold?

It’s quite a common issue many people face in residential areas — noticeable water stains seemingly spreading around corners, on the walls, on the floors and ceilings, etc. Aesthetically, it looks really bad, but there’s an additional problem. What if all of that water causes mold to grow? Most of the time when we’re asked […]

Home Inspection Reveals Mold, Now What?

You’ve finally managed to find the ideal house after months of searching, and you’re excited to close the deal. However, there’s one more necessary step before you can actually move in, and that is the home inspection. Sure, it might sound like a standard procedure that won’t affect your decision too much. But what if […]

What to Do After Your Home Floods

As a homeowner, you already have a pretty clear idea of how destructive floods can be. Regardless of their severity, these hazards can inflict severe damage on your property. Sometimes, you might even have to deal with issues like mold months after the initial flood. As a matter of fact, some homeowners have reported they’re […]

Reasons Why Mold Springs up in Summer and Tips for DIY Inspection

It goes without saying that summer is one of the most anticipated seasons, especially after a long, harsh winter and seasonal allergies in spring. However, while people are excited about the warmer weather, an uninvited guest makes its presence known during summer, and that is mold. In fact, mold infestations are very common and become […]

Top 10 Mold Checks Before Buying a Home

If you suffer from lung diseases like asthma or allergies, you are already aware of the effects that mold can have on your health. But mold can cause a variety of problems like wheezing, coughing, and irritations even for those that are completely healthy. That’s why inspecting a home for mold before buying it is […]

Will Opening Windows Reduce Mold? What To Know

Let’s be honest — every homeowner wants to avoid mold as much as possible. Not only can this fungus ruin the look of your home, but it can also pose a serious threat to your health. So, what should you do when you encounter mold? Most people’s first instinct might be to open a window. […]

Your Home Flooded, So Now What?

Having to deal with a flooded home is a daunting task for any homeowner. Not only do you have to replace damaged items, but you also have to worry about the danger of mold. And while we hope you will not have a flooding issue, it is extremely important to know what to do if […]

What Does Mold Smell Like and How to Detect It at Home?

Most people can agree that every house has its own unique smell, which often reflects the nature of the home and those who live in it. However, sometimes, some factors can change the smell to be less than appealing, one of them being mold. And though mold doesn’t always have a strong smell, it’s certainly […]