What Does Black Mold Reveal About Your Home?

Your home is your fortress, but it is also the breeding ground of many microorganisms. Among these minuscule house guests are the health-threatening microfungi Stachybotrys chartarum. These sneaky little creatures are particularly dangerous for people with chronic respiratory conditions. However, the black mold they form can reveal a lot about your home — from house […]

Summertime is Mold Season. Is Your Home Ready?

We all love summer, but the truth is — it seriously increases the chances of mold growth in our homes. In fact, some mold spores are completely inactive during cold months, and they start growing rapidly once it gets hotter outside. Summer is also the time when we lock up and leave our homes to […]

Can I Paint Over Mold?

Painting Over Mold

Although getting a can of paint and painting over the mold we’ve just found in the bathroom seems like a good idea, experience has shown it’s the worst thing we can do. As it turns out, painting over mold can lead to legal trouble, harm our health, and drive money out of our wallets. Worst […]

Professional Mold Removal: Do I Have Toxic Black Mold?

Much of our side of the country has been hammered by winter weather these last few weeks so maybe you’ve put off packing those holiday decorations away. Imagine this scenario: You’re putting away the Christmas decorations after a delightful, yet decidedly damp, holiday season and just as you put the last box in place, you […]

Causes and Solutions for Basement Mold

If you have an unfinished basement, it’s likely you’re rarely down there unless it’s to place or remove something in storage. If you aren’t down there a lot, it’s highly doubtful you’re really giving the room a thorough look for any sort of mold. This is where I give you the bad news. Your basement […]

Basement Mold Removal: The Process

Two of mold’s favorite hiding spots are your attic and your basement, and because mold is not picky when it comes to food sources, it sees a virtual buffet practically anywhere it looks. Food isn’t enough for mold to survive. It needs moisture to go along with it so it can grow and ruin lives […]

Basement Mold Have You Concerned?

I’m going to guess, if you have an unfinished basement, the last time you were there was probably to pack away your decorations after the holidays. Unfinished basements can be damp and dark. Plus, you probably aren’t down there all that often checking the walls and foundation. Put all of these things together and you […]